History of Masoud Tube Company

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Production of Polypropylene Pipes

after sales services

We listen and respond in a short amount of time.

quality of products

We are getting newer every day. We are always improving because quality is important to us. See with your own eyes to be sure.

Special warranty for products

Iran Insurance will accompany you for 10 years with quality Masoud products.

product variety

The variety of products will make Masoud’s pipe and fittings different from others and at your convenience.

Experienced personnel and management

To change from the good to the excellent customers, Massoud Pipe Fittings always employs professionals and skilled people.

Ability to order by order

Ordering is easy, just fill out the registration form.

Among the building-related industries, the most important part of the facility industry is that the pipes and joints used in the building are regarded as vital veins that play a critical role in their health.

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